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Celebrating our residents: Mayor of Hove Bernard Jordan


Getting to know our residents and the fascinating tiny details about their lives is at the heart of our personalised care approach at Gracewell Healthcare.

Many of our residents have lived extraordinary lives and have fantastic stories to tell and in this blog we’re delighted to share with you Bernard Jordan’s amazing story.

Bernard, who has lived at The Pines since January, enjoyed an impressive political career and was Mayor of Hove from 1995 to 1996.


Bernard with a photo of himself as Mayor

90-year-old Bernard has lived in Hove his whole life. He served in the Second World War in the Royal Navy and upon returning married his sweetheart, Irene, and began his professional calling.

Bernard looks back on his career modestly and believed he was very fortunate to serve his community.

“I was able to take my chance, serve the people of my town and do a job I loved. I am very proud of what I was able to do.

“For anyone who is interested in becoming Mayor you must be prepared to work hard.”

The former Mayor says the highlight of his working-life was meeting the ‘Iron Lady’ herself, Margaret Thatcher.

“It was definitely one of my favourite memories. She was an amazingly strong lady. When she visited Brighton I got the chance to meet her and it was a very proud moment for me.”

In 1999 Bernard was presented with a special award for his dedication as a local councillor for 34 years.
Bernard still has a keen interest in politics and also loves supporting his favourite football team, Brighton and Hove Albion.

UPDATE 16th June 2014 – Its Bernies 90th Birthday today, read about it here and see the story of his amazing life

Posted on Thursday 17th of April 2014 by Amy Hyland in Care Home, Elderly Care, Hove, People and Places


  • Janice McKenna Hutchison

    We in Canada have read about you attending the D-Day commemorations in Normandy. Congratulations on making the trip. God bless you sir and thank you!

  • Jim Bauld

    Well done to Bernard for going to Normandy… wonderful story!!

  • Jess

    Well done, Bernard! I am so happy that you made it to Normandy! It was your right to be there! Thank you brave soldier, for all that you’ve done!

  • Richard Harrold

    Told he couldn’t go to Normandy so put his medals on under his raincoat and buggered off there anyway… now there’s fighting spirit! Such was the making of our nation’s greatness – God bless you, Bernard!

  • Marcel Segal Hochman

    Congratulations and thank you Bernard!!! Greetings from Brazil! We hope to hear more about you soon!!

  • Richard

    A big well done to Mr Jordan for doing what you will always be our hero and hope your care home understands the reason for you going to are a new star and we love you.

  • Jo McQueen

    I remember meeting Bernie about a year ago when I looked after him briefly in hospital – he is the most incredible (and spirited!) man and my encounter with him has remained in my memory ever since. He told me about his service on Destroyers in WW2, and how some of his colleagues had got hold of an Enigma machine that was taken to Bletchley Park!! I couldn’t believe I was talking to someone involved so centrally in what turned out to play a crucial role in ending the Second World War. But perhaps the most humbling thing of all was that Bernie felt his involvement in the war was not as important as the work we do in the NHS, and that he was grateful to ME!! Glad he made the trip but more so that he’s returned safely.

  • Paul Blacher

    Maybe you might want to contact the Royal British Legion a little earlier in future. But hey free advertising for the care home :)

  • Dave Reid

    The Great Escape turned out to be more like The Great Adventure for Bernard. One of the best stories you are ever likely read about. I wish our generation was more like that of our veterans. The country has taken Bernie to it’s heart and so they should. Well Done that man. He did it for the boys who wanted to go but couldn’t.

  • Vicky Ayadi

    Well done Sir

  • Dukesy

    RIP Bernard duty done fair winds and calm seas. BZ on a fantastic life of service to your country and your community. The Iron Lady will be waiting at the gates to greet you.